The Avenues Neighbourhood Network (TANN) covers the following roads in Liverpool: Arundel, Rossett, Gresford, Hawarden, Halkyn, Cumberland, Rutland, York, Cheltenham, Buckingham, Lancaster, Sydenham and Brompton Avenues, as well as Ullet Walk, Sherry Court, Walter Beilin Court, Rex Cohen Court and Lathbury Lane and the sides of Hartington Road, Ullet Road and Smithdown Road, which border this area.


This page contains a useful reference of local services including police, local government and much more. If you have any other contacts you would like included, please send details to


The Dolls House Shop
214 Smithdown Road L15 3JT
Tel: 0151 733 6806

18A Greenbank Road L18 1HN
Tel: 0151 733 6633

BALSAM - Treatments for body, mind and soul
8 York Avenue L17 2AS
Tel: 0151 733 1014


An invitation from Liverpool Citizen Advocacy

Liverpool Citizen Advocacy celebrate their 25th anniversary with a concert, food and music and invite you to join them.

Brush up your French conversation

Le Petit Atelier Francais which already holds children's classes, is starting a conversation class for adults at Ullet Road Church.

Greenbank Park Eleanor Rathbone Artwork

A new artwork to commemorate Eleanor Rathbone was unveiled on 9th December in the walled garden at Greenbank Park

Exploring Creativity

A new 10 week art course run by Clare Flinn begins at Ullet Road Church


If you missed Klezmerish at Ullet Road Church, you can catch them now in the stunning setting of Princes Road Synagogue

Celebrating TANN's 20th birthday in style

What a lot of talent there is in the Avenues, from up-and-coming Stupid and Contagious to opera singer Gussie via talented instrumentalists, Shakespeare buffs and a sit-down comedian. Not to mention the talented cakemakers..... People turned out in force, Ullet Road Church Hall looked brilliant and a lovely time was had by all. And we raised over 500!!!

Greenbank Synagogue consultation

Planning applications have been received in relation to Greenbank Synagogue. We understand our local councillors are objecting to some aspects of the proposed development. Objectors to the development have produced a poster. If you wish to comment on the plans the relevant application references are 16L/0965 and 16F/0966

The Quaker Burial Ground and Community Garden

Our garden is looking lovely this autumn. New volunteers would be warmly welcomed. At present, our small group is busy with raking leaves and airing compost. Even if you can just give a few hours on a one-off basis, it would be much appreciated. The garden is usually open on a Sunday afternoon between 13.30 and 15.30 but will be closed throughout December.

Richie the Ranger's January walks.

Put your best foot forward for 2017.

Liverpool Citizen Advocacy and The Agnes Woodford Project

The Agnes Woodford Project, which is hosted by Liverpool Citizen Advocacy, is a unique partnership between small organisations and individuals working within the Lodge Lane and Avenues area of the city. The Project regularly holds lunchtime socials - the next is on 19th January - and hosts Singing for the Brain sessions, which are an Alzheimers Society initiative. Future plans include developing visiting and befriending schemes in the area for isolated members of the community. They have a quiz scheduled for Friday 24th February. The Project is named after Agnes Woodford who died in October 2010 in Sunnyside residential home on the corner of Sydenham Avenue and Ullet Road. She was 91. She had spent a lifetime of service to others in Liverpool and Sefton through befriending, visiting and advocacy. For the last two and a half years of her life, she was an active member of the local community here. Liverpool Citizen Advocacy will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a number of events including a conference, a concert and a fundraising quiz. They are also asking us to become supporters and funders of their work. For membership see form or to make a donation, please see donation form If you would like to know more about the Project, please contact Joe Monaghan on 734 3047 or at

Change at St. Agnes

Farewell to Canon Christopher Cook who has retired from St. Agnes Church where, in the church hall, for some long time, TANN held its meetings. This beautiful, grade 1 listed building is fundraising at present for essential repairs.

Meet your neighbour over a hot novel or a cool classic

Ullet Reads Book Group started on 2nd June and meets on the first Thursday of each month, 19.00 - 21.00. Ullet Road Unitarian Church (via York Avenue entrance). Contact Anne on

Ullet Road Unitarian Church

As well as being a spectacular building, Ullet Road Church hosts lots of both regular and one-off community events. And kindly hosts our TANN meetings. Keep in touch through their facebook page.

Stressed out? Learn about EFT

If you're interested in finding out more about stress-relieving via EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping, go along to a session at Ullet Road Church on Thursday Jul 14 at 19.30 Find out what EFT is, how it works, how you can benefit and how you can help others with it by incorporating it into your work and your life. This group is open Hosted by: Jenny L. (Certified EFT Practitioner accredited by AAMET)

One Tree Per Child

The ‘One tree Per Child’ campaign is a great way that everyone can get involved in protecting our planet. The campaign wants every child planting one tree as part of primary school activity. Local Councillor Lawrence Brown is asking Liverpool City Council to join Bristol in supporting the campaign by covering the cost of tree seedlings. TANN residents could help by suggesting places locally where a tree could be planted and talking to their local schools.

Exploring Materials

A new art class started on Mondays from April 4th at Ullet Road Unitarian Church Hall.


Resident Elspeth McLean reminds us that batteries and Tetrapaks can be recycled with battery banks at most supermarkets and Tetrapaks at big branches of Tesco and at the Otterspool tip - sorry, Household Waste Recycling Centre. You should take your energy saving light bulbs to Otterspool too as they contain mercury. But you can save energy by leaving all these items in the labelled tubs in Elspeth's garden at 19 Cheltenham Avenue: she will then take them to Otterspool for you.

Bees caught in sting

Bystanders stopped and stared and took mobile phone pictures, while our intrepid Quaker Burial Ground beekeepers perched precariously up a ladder ...

Yoga for Kids

There's a Monday evening class at Ullet Road Unitarian Church Hall (York Avenue entrance).

Are you part of the local dog-walking community?

All dogs should have been microchipped by 6th April. If yours hasn't been done, your vet can do it or find out more from The Dogs Trust 01514800660.


At our AGM on Monday 16th November, we were delighted to welcome Martin Dobson as our new chair. Many thanks to Dave Cummins and John Garrett - our previous chair and vice-chair - for all the work they've put into TANN.

Discover your creative self!

Find out about the Liverpool Community Arts course which runs at the Unitarian Church Hall.

Renewable Energy Co-op nears target

Fundraising for the new Cooperative announced at TANN’s last meeting on 16th March has now achieved over 65,000 of its initial target of 80,000...

Second Smithdown Road Festival planned for 2016

Street Party organisers will be telling TANN about their plans for the 2016 May Festival...

L8 Superstore Award

The L8 Superstore on Lodge Lane has won the Radio 4 Food Retailer award! Do pay the shop a visit if you are not already a regular customer - the range of goods is absolutely amazing.

Sefton Park Meadows included in Strategic Green Spaces Review

Friends of Toxteth Cemetery

This group is seeking to become a charity. One of their aims is to safeguard the cemetery chapel and there are some great photos of it on their facebook page. Their next meeting is scheduled for 28th March - venue to be confirmed.

Sefton Park Open Gardens

Congratulations to those TANN members and other volunteers who've done such incredible work on the Quaker Burial Ground. It looked great in the sunshine - if only the sunshine had lasted!

Group Acupuncture and Therapy Training at the Eco Offices

As part of the development of the Ullet Road Eco Offices into a therapy and well being centre, a weekly group acupuncture session has been started, using a method called 'Acudetox'. See Read More for further details. Training sessions for a wide range of holistic therapies, suitable for beginner and professional therapists alike, are starting here at the end of April. See Blend Therapy for further details of the therapy and First Aid training on offer. Reiki therapy training is also available here from Beth Hunt

20 mph limits

The area around Greenbank Road / Crawford Road - including Greenbank Road itself - has now been agreed as a 20 mph zone and the signage for this should go up soon. Local councillors are now liaising with Liverpool University on the location for the new pedestrian crossing on Greenbank Road. Councillors have also been lobbying to have North Mossley Hill Road included in the 20 mph zone and consultation letters should have been sent out from Highways to local residents who have until 21st November 2014 to return their responses. There is also an opportunity for residents to reply to the questionnaire online via the following link - For other council news.....

Pilates at the Unitarian Church

From January 2015, the church is hosting weekly Pilates classes on Tuesday evenings. See below for details...

The Quaker Burial Ground Community Garden

Congratulations to the small band of stalwart gardeners who've transformed the Burial Ground in such a short time. The sun shone on their grand opening and there was a lovely turnout of TANN residents to admire the transformation. Soon there'll be bee hives too! If you'd like to get involved in the development of this lovely spot, contact Jan on 07762089728.

Support the Palm House

Back from another lovely event at the Palm House and, as ever, grateful to those who fought so hard to have it restored and re-opened. With your help, the Sefton Park Palm House Preservation Trust can help keep the building and plant collection maintained and open for visitors and put on the programme of free and heavily subsidised events we all enjoy. Become a Friend: your subscription matters. Become a Volunteer. Assist and greet visitors and tell them about the Palm House at Trust events; give guided tours to both adult and school parties; help collate Friends Packs and large mail-outs; raise awareness of the Palm House. Put a donation in their red post box. If you'd like to know more, email

Dafna remembers ...

One of the area's most iconic shops. Let's have some more local entrepreneurs like her.

Conservation Area Window Rules Decision Deferred Pending Further Report

Lancaster Avenue resident Mike Hogan presented TANN's case for a relaxation of the current window rules at the Regeneration Select Committee meeting on Thursday 13th February...

November Windows Survey shows Avenues houses with sash windows in a minority

55.7% of Avenues houses now have casement windows on their front elevations. A recent survey reports ...


TANN Annual General Meeting took place on Monday 18th November. Dave Cummings was re-elected as Chair, Brenda Henley as Secretary and Hetty Wood as Treasurer - at the next meeting on March 17th we need to plan for her to have some more money to treasure! New faces and ideas always welcome

St.Hilda's School new building

Residents were invited to a 'drop-in' organised jointly by the City Council, the main contractor Morgan Sindall and the lead architect on plans for the new school to be built on the existing site and the adjoining Sefton Grange site. In general, the plans were well accepted though some residents living near the site are concerned about the expansion of the school.

Conservation Rules Update

A written reply (see end of News article) was issued to John Garrett and Mike Hogan attending the Select Committee on Regeneration meeting on Thursday 19th September. The TANN Conservation Rules committee had raised a question on the apparent lack of progress over the joint working party with TANN over Conservation Rules and Energy Saving measures, including the vexed question of sash windows...

Toxteth Cemetery Restoration Campaign

Picton Ward Councillor Tim Beaumont is spearheading a campaign to restore our local cemetery, dating from 1856. Most of the 5 listed buildings, including the beautiful cemetery chapel,and 9 listed funeral monuments, are in need of urgent restoration If you would like to be involved in the campaign contact Tim Beaumont or call him on: 0151-225-2366.The next meeting of the group will take place at 18.00 on Sept. 3rd at Wellington Avenue Methodist Church

City Planning Officers visit Lancaster Avenue

Council planning officers came to Lancaster Avenue for a third meeting with TANN on Conservation Area rules on Wednesday 15th May, the first following agreement on setting up a joint working group with TANN representatives, the city planning department, Christine Darbyshire, the council officer most responsible the City's Green policy, and a Green Deal assessor. Resident Mike Hogan, who was refused permission to replace his bay sash windows with casements, even though most of his neighbours had already gone down this route, had first canvassed the other residents in the street, and found a large majority in favour of a relaxation of the restrictions. Rob Burns, the Urban Design and Heritage Manager, and Peter Hoey, the Senior Conservation Officer, walked up and down the avenue to see the situation for themselves. The other major subject for discussion was on how to implement solid wall insulation in conservation areas like ours, to improve the thermal efficiency of our homes whilst retaining the appearance of the street. It was agreed to bring in both a Green Deal Assessor and a Heritage expert, assess three ‘archetype’ properties in the area, and look at options for reducing fuel costs. Early indications are that a hybrid form of wall insulation may well be recommended – internal at the front (to retain the appearance at the front) and external at the back, sides and outrigger, but much more work needs to be done around suggested detailing around windows, doors and roof lines, and the implications for roofs and rainwater disposal resulting from the thicker walls, as well as ventilation issues. Fuller notes will be published on this meeting in due course. For some background to the discussions, see the minutes of the previous meeting below…

Looking for a new home in South Liverpool?

Just down the road from the Avenues, the Granby Community Land Trust is planning to refurbish the existing unoccupied houses in Beaconsfield, Cairns and Jermyn Streets, and possibly rebuild those in Ducie Street, in partnership with developer H-D Social Investments, a local housing co-op and housing associations Plus Dane and Liverpool Mutual Homes. They are looking for people to move into the four streets, either to rent or buy. If you want to register your interest, or simply keep abreast of developments for the future, then complete the form below and send to Eleanor Lee of the Granby Four Streets Trust at the address given. See link below.

... or how about building your own?

Also, a number of people are trying to get the Council to allocate land for self built eco homes, and have recently been sent maps of potential locations. For further information, email Geoff Cunningham at

Officers re-elected at TANN AGM

All officers were re-elected at the TANN AGM on 19th November - Dave Cummings as chair, Brenda Henley as secretary, Hetty Wood as treasurer and John Garrett as vice chair. Residents discussed a number of local issues, starting with crowd and traffic management at the City Firework display in Sefton Park. A number of residents criticised the positioning of steel barriers around the park which created a risk of pedestrians being crushed, as well as the lack of buses to the event, leading to vehicle gridlock in the Avenues for several hours. Dinah Dossor volunteered to draft a letter to those responsible for City Transport and Events for the TANN secretary to send. Other items discussed were some new alternatives to the Sefton Park perimeter road traffic proposals following the recent consultations, raised by Martin Dobson. On the Conservation Rules discussions with the Cabinet Member and Planning Department, no follow-up meeting date had yet been advised. Laura Robertson-Collins and Mike Hogan would contact the council side. It was reported that a revised planning application had been submitted for the Solna Hotel proposal. The recent closure of local independent food shops was again discussed, though Jan Pell recommened the new Polish Deli opposite Aldi. Fuller minutes will be published in due course.

Conservation Area Questionnaire Results Published

TANN residents living in a conservation area gave their opinion on conservation area rules, energy saving, whether they want to stay in the area and loads besides. For full totals and resident comments, see documents listed in the news item (top right).

Residents challenge Conservation Area rules

A number of Avenues residents planning to replace their front windows have been in correspondence with the city Planning Department over rules insisting they use traditional sash windows. In some cases, they were replacing totally unsuitable windows installed before Conservation Area designation with more compatible ones. Mike Hogan, whose own application was refused, explains 'I am writing this to give my experience, and my own opinions about conservation rules, so that people who live in the area are aware of what they face if they want to do improvement works to their homes ...

Do you know about the Green Deal?

Chilly houses, draughty windows and stratospheric fuel bills.... Is this the price we have to pay for living in the Avenues, so rich in Victorian and Edwardian style, artefacts and stories, and rightly designated as one of the city’s conservation areas? Or can something be done about the cost of staying warm and about the tonnes of carbon dioxide we collectively pump into the sky to do so? Is this where the Green Deal comes in? The Green Deal, a key part of our national commitment to reduce carbon emissions by at least 80% by 2050, is due to start in Autumn 2012 ...

Council Environment Cabinet Member listens to TANN

Tim Moore, council cabinet member for the environment, came to the TANN meeting on 21st March. He outlined what the council was doing around the climate change agenda - investing in skilling the new green jobs through the Community College, supporting the Plus Dane Smart Grid project off Princes Avenue, creating a partnership with MHA to look at insulating and introducing microgeneration in their social housing stock. The council was trying hard to bring the head office of the Green Investment Bank to Liverpool. Residents raised issues such as the need to increase council liaison with voluntary groups like TANN, giving Planning and Conservation a brief in developing energy saving and microgeneration measures suitable for Conservation areas, and spearheading the retrofitting of houses. Use of green space for local food production and a higher level of recycling were also urged, as were more effective measures to deal with severe weather conditions. A fuller report will be available soon.

Can our heritage status help with regeneration?

The latest newsletter from the Liverpool Cultural Heritage Forum states that around 45% of conservation areas in the region do not have an up-to-date character appraisal. This is an essential step in developing management plans which are vital if communities are going to use their historic character as a basis for regeneration. Does our area have one?

Police urge residents to register their property on website

Writing in the April police newsletter for Greenbank ward, Constable Colin Graham urged residents to register their property on this database to assist in the detection and return of stolen property...

Death at Downton Abbey - Ullet Road Unitarian Church Hall (York Avenue)
Palm House Wedding Fayre - Sefton Park Palm House
RSPB Day - Sefton Park Palm House
Musical Memories - Sefton Park Palm House
Looking Out for Each Other - The Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool One
Klezmerish - Princes Road Synagogue
Liverpool Citizen Advocacy Quiz Night - St. Bede's Centre, Fern Grove / Hartington Road
Toddler Group
Ullet Road Unitarian Church Hall L17 2AA
Ullet Road Co-operative Playgroup, Entrance York Avenue. Wednesday and Friday mornings. 9.30 - 11.30 am. All welcome Contact Person: Vicki Contact Number: 07974 162141 Contact Email: Time: 10.30 to 12.30

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