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David Robertson Posted: 1-Oct-2009, 22:16
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I was astonished to read Daily Post business editor, Bill Gleeson, attacking our neighbourhood in his piece yesterday (Sept 30th). If this is what local journalists say about our area, what chance has this city got? Read what house-hunting Gleeson said:

"I want a beautiful, large, Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian house: perhaps built with red brick and with its original stained-glass window panes intact. It must also be sound- proof. I donít want to share my auditory space with anybody. So it would need to be detached or, at the very least, built with two-foot thick party walls.

"Liverpool has plenty of period homes, but they are almost all located in districts many people would think twice about bringing up children in. We viewed houses around Sefton Park, Toxteth and Ullet Road. The houses were fabulous. The people showing us around were often professionals, architects, accountants, etc. These would-be vendors can paper over the cracks in the plaster, but they canít hide the social problems and the dereliction just around the corner."


We've brought our kids up brilliantly in this area. So probably have you! Time to give Bill Gleeson a flea in his ear!

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Dave Robertson

Francine Palant Posted: 14-Oct-2009, 17:05 #1
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child friendly avenues

I would like to agree entirely with the previous writers. The very reason why most of us enjoy living here is because of the diversity of the Avenues. I don't think the author of the article in the Post gets it. None of us like the derelict sites that you still encounter here and there around here and we are all working towards improving the environment in which we live. But if this journalist is looking for a middle class suburbian ghetto, thankfully he was looking in the wrong area.

Jo Gibson Posted: 10-Oct-2009, 19:52 #2
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Avenues are a great place for kids!

What Bill Gleeson doesn't acknowledge is that the phenomenon of affluent and less well off living in adjacent districts is common in almost any big city, and is not unique to Liverpool - just look at London! And with the unique character of the houses comes a unique community spirit. I've lived in Liverpool for over 20 years- this is my 5th house here and I can honestly say it's the friendliest area I know.