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Residents parkingpermit
Francine Palant Posted: 2-Nov-2009, 15:48
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A few people are complaining about the lack of parking space in their avenues and some have suggested residents permits could alleviate the problem. The debate has been launched in the November newsletter. Please share your views on this forum

Elizabeth Reina Posted: 29-Nov-2009, 16:28 #1
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Car Parking Resident Permits

I am not in favour of permits. Not all the avenues are affected by the problem and what would visitors/shoppers do? It certainly would not help the shops on Smithdown Road. As the newsletter states, most permits relate to daytime parking - so they would not help people returning from work in the evening.

The suggestion that one-way traffic be introduced on the avenues may help reduce some congestion. From a safety angle, I believe Halkyn Avenue should be one-way so that cars cannot access Ullet Road direct.

Jo Gibson Posted: 25-Nov-2009, 00:11 #2
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one way system

We don't have too many problems with parking spaces but a one way system would be an excellent idea. The roads were simply not built with cars in mind!

Cheryl Gilland Posted: 19-Nov-2009, 13:14 #3
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Parking Permits

I was one of the residents that raised this issue and whilst I agree that it would be difficult to implement I feel that something should be done to alleviate this problem. Careless parking is a problem in itself...I have seen abandoned cars parked better.

Another thing that should be looked at is a one way system as there is often a gridlock and I have been forced on a number of occasions to reverse nearly the full length of the road. I intend to raise this issue with the local councillors.

David Robertson Posted: 4-Nov-2009, 23:27 #4
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parking permits

A good idea in principle, but plenty of problems too. One major problem is enforcement: who authorises the permits; and who enforces them in the case of dispute? And what remedies in the event of persistent non-compliance?

Second, the Avenues are public highways; we are not a private estate. But if we were successful in becoming a permit zone, what is to stop everywhere doing the same?

Third, a permit system wouldn't necessarily solve the problem. On some Avenues, especially in term time, there are simply too many cars belonging to the residents - presumably all residents are entitled to a permit. It's not just the multi-occs either. There are plenty of two-car families in TANN. In fact, I am neighbour to two 4-car families!

So it's not that simple. But anything is worth a try to stop the ruination of the area caused by off-street driveways. It was frustrations over parking that led us to build a drive. I really regret that decision now, entirely on architectural grounds, because it destroys the intimate gateways of these fine Edwardian houses.