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18-May-2010 - The Lusitania Riots – a local connection

In 1915, following the sinking of the Lusitania by a German U-boat, there were anti-German riots and demonstrations in many parts of the country. On Merseyside, her home port, they affected long-established German communities in Liverpool and Bootle. One elderly resident of York Avenue told us that she remembered an attack on a pork butcher's shop at the corner of Arundel Avenue and Smithdown Road during which the butcher's piano was said to have been hurled out of a first floor window. Another local resident, then a boy working in a nearby greengrocer's shop, confirmed this and remembered the family cowering in their wardrobe.  

Another Liverpool German family, the Weingartners, were descendants of a Johannes Weingartner who had emigrated from Cologne in 1864 and lived at various addresses in Liverpool 8 until his death in 1903. He was a professional piano teacher.

Johannes’ eight children included

• John (1868)

• Fridolin Carl (1874) later Frederick Charles, a professional violinist and viola player who, in the 1890s had studied in Berlin under Joseph Joachim, the noted Hungarian violinist, conductor, composer and teacher. Fridolin / Frederick played in the then Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

• Reinhold Ernst (1875) later Reginald Ernest, an accomplished cello player who eventually became manager in a small cotton-broking firm and died in the 1940s

• Linda Isabelle (1876) who kept house; she died in Crosby in 1957.

• Berthold Johannes (1877) later Bertram, fought in the Boer War

• Gertrude Lillian (1879) a gifted pianist, became a masseuse working in conjunction with Rodney Street doctors and often treating the rich residents of Sefton Park in their own homes; she later used her skills to treat the wounded during the 1914-18 war. She died in Crosby in 1958.  • Elsa Minna (1883) creative arty and a keen gardener, she worked as a clerk at Alfred Holt’s. She was married at St. Agnes Church in 1941 and died on the Wirral in 1950.

• Hilda Maria (1884): in March 1912, Hilda Maria Weingartner, then of Huskisson Street, married Richard Percy Smith and they moved in April into 33 Cheltenham Avenue. She died in 1958; her grandson lives in Huskisson Street today and has supplied much of this information.

In 1915, Fridolin Carl, Reinhold Ernst, Elsa Minne and Gertrude Lillian were living in Grove Street. One of the family was said to have witnessed the riot on Smithdown Road and, in the face of such anti-German feeling, the family took their mother's maiden name Parr and also anglicised their forenames. Some time between December 1916 and December 1918, the Parrs moved to 6 Buckingham Avenue and the 1919 Gore's directory lists Reginald E Parr, clerk, as head of the household which also included Linda, Gertrude and Elsa. Later the family dispersed to Crosby and the Wirral.